About Us

Apex Motorcycle Towing was created when the idea was suggested to me by friends and strangers that I had helped out in the past.
Those that knew me knew they could rely on me to lend a helping hand in difficult times.
Receiving my first bike (a Honda 50) for my 7th birthday started my passion for motorcycles and the desire to help out other motorcyclists where ever I could.
I spent 10+ years in the transport industry after which I decided it was time to start Apex Motorcycle Towing and follow my dreams.
Apex is a young focus driven small business with a dedication to helping motorcyclists throught the Brisbane / Gold Coast are surrounding region.
No matter what the time is or what style of motorcycle you ride Apex Motorcycle Towing will be there for you.
Apex will be there to get you and your pride and joy home safely.

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